Why I Love Scratch!

Scratch Isn't Just a Coding Tool!

Spoiler Alert! Learning how to code is hard--especially for kids. Kids have great imaginations and are wonderfully creative, but putting them in front of a blank text editor is a very unnatural way for them to express themselves. This is where Scratch fits in; by combining art, sound and animation with logic and code blocks, Scratch is a fun and engaging creative environment!

graphic comparing a dark text editor to the colorful scratch environment

Scratch is built upon a rich history of educational research at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab. Until recently, freely-available resources and visual programming tools were limited. The release of Scratch 2 was a game-changer! Not only is Scratch free and closely maintained by the skilled/dedicated team, it's fully web-based and accessible to anyone with a basic computer and web browser. The Scratch Team keeps everything intentionally simple, encouraging creative flow; avoiding the stop and Google approach typical of new programmers.

The Scratch Community Is Huge!

Need creative inspiration? Need ideas for your next Scratch project? The Scratch community hosts millions of shared projects waiting to be remixed--perfect for anyone experiencing a temporary creative block. You'll be amazed at some of the featured projects on the home page.

Everybody Should Learn How To Code!

Maybe you're thinking to yourself, "What is coding?" The word coding might even conjure up images of programmers hunched over a keyboard typing thousands of lines of text--like I'm doing now :). Good news! Scratch provides the benefits of computational thinking and creative computing without all the text and typing. Here is a great video from the amazing team at Code.org.