Scratch is Empowering!

graphic of a Scratch forever loop block that says 'think Creatively'

Scratch opens up a world of possibilities in your classroom. By combining art, sound and animation with coding logic; Scratch is a complete creative environment. Your students can imagine, design, build and share entire interactive experiences all within Scratch. Think of Scratch as a tool that can be applied across many different disciplines--it's not just for teaching coding. It's a blank canvas!

Getting Started

You already know why you should use Scratch in your classroom, but how do you get started?

When introducing Scratch in your classroom, think beyond the blocks. The coding blocks in Scratch are just a means to an end. Emphasize the creative process by slowly introducing the Scratch environment, then let your students' imaginations guide the process. You'll be amazed at how well they discover solutions with a goal in mind.

Are you a science teacher? Have your students research and build simulations. English teachers, have your students bring life to their writing with graphics, animations and sound. Math teachers, make math games to teach important concepts. There a few limits to what you can do.

How Do I Use This Site?

ScratchTutorials is a curated repository of tutorials for learning and using Scratch. Tutorials are grouped by topics ranging from the very basics of Scratch all the way through advanced concepts and projects. This site includes custom tutorials and links to many great tutorials from within the Scratch community and all over the web.

Still Need Help?

I encourage all teachers to visit ScratchEd, the online community for Scratch educators. It's been online since 2009 and is designed for educators to share resources and experiences with other educators using Scratch. I frequently reference resources from ScratchEd on this site.

What About Scratch Books?

Scratch is very popular and there are many good books written the cover Scratch. A quick search on Amazon will reveal quite a few. I also maintain a list of books about Scratch programming that I have read and recommend.

Who Are You?

My name is Richard and I'm a web developer and parent of three. I'm not a teacher by trade, but am a strong supporter of computational thinking and creative computing in the classroom and am always looking for ways to contribute.