Make a Multi-Level Game

In this introductory 5-part series, instructor Tim Telep teaches you how to make a simple multi-level maze game (reminiscent of the classic game Venture). You'll learn about keyboard movement, changing backdrops, setting timers and triggering events when touching colors.

This series has 5 tutorials.

How To Make An Advanced Fighting Game

This advanced series will take you from a blank page to your own "Street Fighter"-style fighting game (pitting two characters against each other in the battle arena). You should be familiar with all the basic concepts in Scratch (loops, conditionals, movement and animation) to get the most out of this tutorial.

This series has 2 tutorials.

Core Concepts of Platformer Games

This short, two-part, video series teaches you how to make your sprites navigate around obstacles, such as maze walls and jump and fall onto platforms. After completing this series, you can start making your own platformer game. Be sure to watch the series on Making a Multi-Level Game to take your game to the next level.

This series has 2 tutorials.

Scrolling Backgrounds

This is a collection of tutorials demonstrating techniques for horizontal and vertical background scrolling. Adding scrolling backgrounds to your projects adds depth to your games and projects and is a key component of many popular 2D games.

This series has 3 tutorials.